Tripla is going to be Helsinki’s second city centre

The massive project of YIT will breathe new life into Pasila. Kiilto is also involved in the construction site that is one of the largest in Finland.

Cement mixers are turning and nail guns are firing. Up to 1,500 workers are taking part in the project in February.

A new metropolitan centre called Tripla is being built in Pasila, Helsinki. The centre spreads over three blocks, and it includes, for instance, the Mall of Tripla shopping centre, office and hotel facilities, as well as more than 400 apartments. In addition, a new railway station is being built in Pasila as part of the project.

Tripla’s specialities in the residential block include, for instance, a beautiful semi-spherical community hall where people can gather and spend time together. Finland’s second museum devoted to music, the Finnish Music Hall of Fame, will be built there, too. Until now, there has been only one museum in Finland devoted to music, the Sibelius Museum in Turku.

Tripla has been described as a place where a shopping centre and an urban centre meet. Tripla is easily accessible by train, tramway, bus or car, and it welcomes people to spend more time there. The expo and convention centre Messukeskus, Hartwall Arena, amusement park Linnanmäki and the Helsinki Olympic Stadium are also nearby.

All in all, Tripla is the largest construction site in Finland, excluding nuclear power projects.

The three-block complex includes apartments, a shopping centre, parking garage, public transportation hub, hotel and offices. Image: YIT

Big site requires careful planning

YIT’s project manager Ingo Kvist is responsible for the apartments in the residential block of Tripla.

Kvist says that the immense project requires among other things careful planning and staggering of work stages.

“Work has been planned in such a way that everybody has always something to do. People can flexibly proceed from one work phase to another, and there is as little waiting as possible.”

“YIT has a lot of experience in big projects, which has of course helped in the planning stage. Every week the residential block team takes part in coordination and meetings together with other blocks.”

Approximately 25 white-collar workers concentrate only on apartments, which tells us something about the scope of the project.

“They plan and are in charge of the building of apartments taking other areas into consideration. Another team of approximately the same size is responsible for the shopping centre.”

Naturally, this is also Kvist’s biggest project in his career. He has worked in the field for around twenty years.

“Prime contractors manage and monitor the work at site as much as possible.”

Kiilto’s Kerafiber waterproofing system is used in the wet rooms of the apartments.

Managing conditions is crucial

At the time of the interview, they are working on the waterproofing and tiling of the housing companies Fredika (116 apartments) and Firdo (106). Housing companies Bööle (106) and Klyyga (111) are still waiting for their turn.

Work has progressed furthest on the lower floors of Firdo and Fredika, and next they are going to proceed to upper floors.

“It is important to manage conditions, for instance. We were able to start the drying stage and waterproofing of walls already before having a roof in the building. Rainwater was managed with wells made with the frame and by controlling water. Floors will be installed when the roof is completed.”

Kiilto Kerafiber waterproofing system is used in wet rooms. YIT has been collaborating with Kiilto for a long time.

“We have been happy with our collaboration, everything is going well. The team has been pleased with the products. Kiilto has also taught them how to use Kerafiber.”

According to Kvist, the number of surprises has to be minimised in large projects.

“Experience has taught me that if we manage to have straight lines and even floors, as well as get the slopes right in bathrooms – and use reliable contractors –, we will get very good apartments as a result.”

Home for New Year’s

Ingo Kvist says that the completion of Tripla’s different parts has been carefully staggered, too.

”The shopping centre, parking facility and the new Pasila station will be ready in autumn, the office and hotel facilities at the beginning of 2020. Fredika will be completed at the end of December, Firdo in March, Klyyga in June 2020 and Bööle in autumn 2020. It is good that residents will be able to shop and use the train immediately.”

“We are well on schedule. This winter we have been forced to shovel snow more than usually, but luckily we had some extra time for it”, Kvist says.