Tips for successful window cleaning

As the days get brighter, you’ll notice that the windows need cleaning. The task can be made easier by using the right products and equipment. We’ve put together a list of tips for successful window cleaning.

Tip #1: plan the work

The best time to wash windows is in mild, cloudy weather. Direct sunlight can dry the detergent too quickly on the surface, making it harder to get good drying results. Check the condition of the equipment before starting. Clear the area in front of the windows and protect furniture and surfaces from splashes and runoff.

Tip #2: do things in the right order

Clean any dust from the blinds. It’s important to start washing from the window frame, which should be washed from the inside out. Windowpanes should always be washed from the edges towards the centre to avoid wetting the frame. Use Kiilto Window (dosage 10 ml per litre of water) or ready-to-use Kiilto Window Spurt.

Tip #3: equipment matters

Window cleaning is easier and faster with the right tools. The 18-litre Unger bucket has a handy holder for the dryer and washing equipment. An Unger washer sleeve and dryer is an effective combination for washing even awkward window surfaces ergonomically.

Tip #4: remember to dry

After washing the glass surface, dry it with the Unger window dryer in long motions. Gently press the window dryer against the surface. The condition of the dryer rubber makes a significant difference to the final result, so dryer rubbers should be replaced for professional use after approximately 20 hours of use. A cleaning swab or lint cloth can be used to dry the rubber. The window washer can be used to collect any runoff. Try to avoid wetting the window frame, and finally dry up any spills on the frame with a cleaning cloth.

Tip #5: pay attention to ergonomics and safety

Keep ergonomics in mind at every stage of the work. Use an extension arm to avoid unnecessary stretching. A Corrimat protective mat can be used during the washing to absorb any water or dirt from the cleaning. It also improves safety by keeping the floor dry.