ThermiSol got a fast and resistant Kiilto adhesive custom-made

ThermiSol uses strong Kiilto adhesive in its sandwich panel manufacture. This new adhesive that was developed in close cooperation with Kiilto is ideal for ThermiSol's production.

ThermiSol Oy specialises in manufacturing and selling of EPS insulation materials. It produces sandwich panels that consist of an inner EPS insulation core between steel sheet layers. These panels are used, for example, in commercial and industrial buildings. 

Pauli Niemi, who works as Foreman at ThermiSol, says that their continuous-working sandwich panel production line has a limited time slot for the bonding process.

“The adhesive must be dispensed, mixed and applied in a matter of tens of seconds before the panel moves to the pressing unit.”

Huiskula’s greenhouse was turned into a warehouse. Sandwich panels and strong adhesive provide shelter, for example, to premium cars and boats.

Peak performance requires fine-tuning

Kiilto developed a very fast 2-component polyurethane adhesive for ThermiSol that is ideal for their production purposes. The adhesive was taken into use in December 2016.

“It is made exactly to meet our specifications. Kiilto made first several trial batches in their laboratory, which were then tested and approved on our production line.”

This adhesive reacts to heat, so it must comply precisely with the temperatures used in the production line.

“If the conditions change, we will make the required fine-tuning.” 

According to Niemi, the cooperation with Kiilto has been very productive.

“Finding and designing a suitable adhesive is not easy and requires fine-tuning. Kiilto has responded to our needs swiftly.”

ThermiSol’s Foreman Pauli Niemi and Huiskula Oy’s Managing Director Jaakko Rantanen are happy with the new warehouse roof. It is made of panels which have been manufactured by using Kiilto adhesive.

Made to last for decades

Suitability to the production process is not the only requirement that the adhesive must meet. Sandwich panels must endure Finland’s harsh weather conditions for decades.

“We rely on Kiilto quality. After all, we have worked together with Kiilto for decades,” says Niemi.



  • Founded in 1962, manufactures and sells EPS (expanded polystyrene).
  • Product range includes also EPS panels and EPS industry products.
  • Employs approx. 100 insulation experts.
  • Since 2017 has been part of Norwegian Jackon Group.