The world’s smallest detergent dosing ball has an important lesson to teach

According to a recent survey, more than half of the people in Finland are concerned about the environmental impact of doing the laundry. At the same time, as many as every third respondent admits that they do not follow the detergent dosing instructions. The world’s smallest detergent dosing ball wants to show that with laundry, small is big.

In a consumer survey* carried out by Kantar TNS for a Finnish detergent brand Serto, 51 percent of the respondents said that they pay attention to matters related to environmental friendliness when selecting a laundry detergent. However, a third of those doing laundry never measure the amount of detergent they use.

“The survey result is worrying, as the correct dosing of detergent is the most important means by which the consumer can influence the environmental impact of laundry”, said Serto Brand Manager Anna-Kaisa Tarjasalo from Kiilto.

The renewed Serto supports Kiilto’s environmental promise

Serto brand covers a range of laundry care products within Kiilto’s consumer business. The products are developed and produced in Finland. Kiilto is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2019. The company’s desire to be the environmental leader in its industry is visible in its activities. It is constantly developing its operations, attitudes and decision making towards an environmentally friendly direction. The Commitment to the Environment project launched last year extends to all operations at Kiilto: the selection of materials and packaging, product development, logistics, services and energy solutions.

The renewal of Serto range combines many factors increasing its environmental friendliness. As a result of long-term product development, a new detergent recipe was developed for Serto at Kiilto: production of the laundry detergent now consumes less water than before. And thanks to the more economical composition, considerably less detergent is required per machine load than before. In addition, the smaller detergent bottles take up less space and decrease both the amount of plastic needed for packaging and the environmental load during transport. The new packages manufactured in Monninkylä use 12 percent less plastic than the old packages, and they can be recycled at packaging plastic collection points.

The tiny dosing ball helps with the correct dosing

In the renewal of Serto range, a tiny new detail also plays an important role: the world’s smallest detergent dosing ball handed out with the new products. The ball’s task is to illustrate more clearly to the consumer how little of laundry detergent is really needed. A sufficient amount of detergent for a 4–5 kg load of laundry is 27 ml, which is less than two tablespoonfuls.**

“It is our job to develop more and more environmentally friendly products. We also want to guide consumers to the correct dosage of washing detergents, as it plays an important role in making laundry as environmentally friendly as possible”, Tarjasalo says.

*The survey was implemented as an online questionnaire by Kantar TNS on 18–23 January 2019, using a mobile-optimised form. There were 1 096 respondents. Only completely filled forms were accepted in the analysis.

**The weight of the laundry to be washed is approximately 4–5 kg, with soft water