The hazards of asbestos are still topical

Kiilto offers analysis services related to asbestos and other harmful substances to its corporate customers.

Asbestos recently became a topic of discussion when it was reported in the media that the use of asbestos in building materials would be allowed in the United States. In Europe, however, the European Union intends to prohibit or at least restrict the use of all carcinogenic substances.

Asbestos was a popular material in the 1960s and the 1970s, as it was cheap and easy to use. For example, asbestos was widely used as an insulation material because of its resistance to heat. It has also been used to increase durability and as a binding agent in water insulation, as well as in mortar.

Cheap and easy, but dangerous

Responsibility is a growing part of the operating cultures of companies in international environments, and issues related to the use of asbestos will be addressed increasingly in the future. The use of asbestos was prohibited in Finland in 1994 and in the EU in 2005. Kiilto has not used asbestos in its products since the 1970s.

Implemented in 2016, the Act on Certain Requirements Concerning Asbestos Removal Work included stricter provisions concerning asbestos. All sites completed before 1994 must be surveyed for asbestos before renovations take place.

Even though the hazards of asbestos have been known for decades, hundreds of people are still diagnosed with occupational diseases caused by asbestos in Finland every year. This is because asbestosis and other illnesses related to asbestos are not detected until many years after exposure.

Help from professionals

Obligatory asbestos surveys have increased analytics and brought new operators to the field. In theory, anyone can take samples and send them to a laboratory, but it is advisable to consult professionals for reasons related to responsibility, for example. Professionals can also save costs, as expertise is needed to know which materials may contain asbestos and where samples should be taken.

If asbestos is detected during a survey, the site must be demolished by means of asbestos removal work by professionals. In addition, air samples must be taken after the demolition to verify that the site is clean.

Analysis services by Kiilto

Kiilto offers analysis services related to asbestos and other harmful substances to its corporate clients. You can easily place an order by using the form on Kiilto’s website. After you have placed an order, you can submit the samples to a collection box in one of our regional warehouses, have them delivered by Matkahuolto in accordance with separate instructions or have us collect the samples from the site.

More detailed instructions on our analysis services are available on the KiiltoPro Services page (only in Finnish).