The best according to customers!

In a survey commissioned by Taloustutkimus Oy, customers gave KiiltoClean Oy top marks!

Respondents of the survey, which is commissioned by Taloustutkimus Oy on an annual basis, are professional kitchens that serve at least 50 portions. The survey charts the outlooks of the institutional kitchen segment and professionals’ views of companies operating in the field. There were 589 respondents in charge of purchasing decisions. The professional kitchens were picked randomly from Taloustutkimus’ HoReCa register of food service companies. In the survey, respondents assessed various cleaning and washing agent suppliers operating in Finland.

According to the survey, the respondents think that the most important company image factor influencing their choice of manufacturer is the price/quality ratio. The second most important factor is delivery reliability, and third most important is maintenance service. KiiltoClean took first place in all of these categories.

In 2016, KiiltoClean was the best-known supplier of washing and cleaning agents. In addition to awareness, the company had the most customer relationships in Finland.

The respondents gave KiiltoClean the highest overall grade, 8.42. The largest kitchens (500+ portions per day) gave an even higher grade, 8.82. According to the survey, KiiltoClean’s strong points include good price/quality ratio, delivery reliability, product selection, attention to safety matters and consideration of the environmental factors. These are all significant company image factors according to customers. KiiltoClean also receives positive reviews for its development of new products and its website.

*KiiltoClean Oy received the highest overall grade in Taloustutkimus Oy’s survey Food Service Feedback 2016 for washing and cleaning agents.