Technical aerosols

Kiilto’s technical aerosols are divided into three groups with distinctive colour markings: cleaning, lubrication and special products.

You can learn more about our aerosol products in the product section of our website or in this brochure. 


GlassFoam Cleaning foam
Remover Sealant and paint removal
ElectroClean Electronics cleaner
SprayClean Degreaser
PowerClean Grease and glue removal for challenging applications
PressureClean Non-flammable pressure cleaner
Rosterit Cleaning and protective agent
Presstech L Stain remover for adhesives, oil and grease stains


MultiSpray Multipurpose oil
SiliconSpray Silicone oil
PTFE-Spray Synthetic lubricating oil
VaselinSpray Petroleum jelly spray
WhiteGrease White petroleum jelly spray
CuttingOil Cutting oil
Antiseize Installation grease


ZincSpray Zinc coating
AluminSpray Aluminium coating
RustLube Rust remover
Freeze Cold spray
LeakFinder Leak indicator