Suvi Haimi, CEO and a co-founder of the globally renowned environmental forerunner Sulapac to join Kiilto Family’s Board of Directors

On 21 May 2021, the Annual General Meeting appointed the CEO Suvi Haimi (PhD) as new member of the Board of Directors of Kiilto Family Group’s parent company, Kiilto Family Oy. Haimi is one of the founders of Sulapac Ltd that is among the first companies in the world to replace plastic packages with biodegradable options. Haimi will strengthen Kiilto with environmental expertise recognized worldwide.

To gain its ambitious goals, Kiilto keeps developing environmental expertise throughout the organization, from RDI and customer support to management.

“We want to make sure that the whole chain is strong. We are truly happy to have an expert like Suvi joining our journey in becoming the environmental leader of our field. Kiilto is a 100-year-old startup, and in addition to environmental expertise, Suvi represents innovativeness and start-up spirit, which represent key elements of our culture,” says Eeva Solja, Brand and Communications Director at Kiilto.

Haimi received her Master’s degree in Biochemistry in 2006, PhD in Medical Biomaterials in 2008 and Adjunct Professor’s degree in 2013 at the University of Tampere, Finland.

Before founding Sulapac in February 2016, she worked in leadership positions forover 10 years at several universities in Finland and the Netherlands. She has been the key person gathering the passionate people behind Sulapac. She decided to become an entrepreneur to better follow her mission to save the planet from plastic waste. Her vision is to make Sulapac the new sustainable standard replacing plastic.

”I am very enthusiastic to start helping Kiilto to achieve their long-term sustainability goals. Kiilto’s talented and energized team and our shared values in sustainability is something I truly appreciate. I am looking forward to learning from the Kiilto team and strengthen its sustainability strategy as well as continuing the success story in the core business areas. In addition to my sustainability expertise, I will bring with me the agile startup business perspective to allow faster navigation in the changing global market situation,” Haimi says.

Sulapac’s biodegradable materials are made from industrial side stream wood and plant based binders and they leave no permanent microplastics behind. The company led by Haimi has aroused a massive interest worldwide. Fox example a luxury brand Chanel has invested in Sulapac. At Kiilto, Haimi will replace Eija Hietavuo as a board member.

Further information:

Eeva Solja
Brand and Communications Director