Secure adhesion and reliable sealing in construction

Kiilto’s adhesive sealants and sealants are a sure choice for all applications. These sealants — which are resistant to mechanical wear and tear, changing weather conditions, humidity and chemicals — are the constructor’s choice for both indoor and outdoor projects. You are sure to find the product you need from our range – whether you are a demanding professional or just serious about DIY.

Kiilto Premium Extra Strong Fix

When you need effective initial adhesion for fixing and sealing, especially if you want a product with a wide range of applications, Kiilto Premium Extra Strong Fix is the choice for you. The elastic properties of this solvent-free, one-component adhesive can resist severe frost and high temperatures. 

In outdoor applications, the adhesive sealant will even stick to wet surfaces, and the products resist seawater. The low working temperature of Kiilto Premium Extra Strong Fix makes it a versatile alternative for cars, boats, caravans and the range of items and surfaces you work with. 

Kiilto XPU strong and flexible fix

Reinforced with polyurethane, Kiilto XPU is a flexible alternative to gluing wood, metals, glass, stone and plastic, and for a range of sealing jobs. Typical applications include lorry bodies, caravans, buses and trains. In construction, XPU will glue insulation boards, battens, sinks and toilet bowls. 

Kiilto XPU is compatible with Kiilto’s one-component waterproofing products, such as those intended for sealing penetrations. Excellent adhesion can often be achieved without surface treatment. The elastic and strong seam can be sanded and painted over. 

Kiilto Masa Fix and Sealant

The one-component Masa, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, can be used for stone, concrete, wood, glass, most metals and epoxy and polyester surfaces. Masa can be used as a sealant in wet room penetrations and floor drain connections. Outdoors, Masa is suitable for roof penetrations and window flashings. 

Being seawater resistant, it can also resist chemicals, extreme weather conditions and UV radiation. Kiilto Masa Fix and Sealant is NSF-registered and can be used in premises where foods are handled. Masa is also a good choice for expansion joints susceptible to mechanical wear and tear.

Applications for Kiilto’s adhesive sealants and sealants:

  • stone and concrete surfaces
  • construction boards and battens
  • glass and plastic surfaces
  • welding seams
  • connections between different materials
  • sealing of structures
  • sealing of wet room penetrations
  • applications under demanding weather conditions
  • objects exposed to seawater and chemicals
  • seams exposed to mechanical stress

Properties (check the details of individual products):

  • one-component or reinforced with polyurethane
  • can be used without separate surface treatment
  • resistant to chemicals and seawater
  • wide range of working temperatures
  • resistance to a wide temperature range
  • indoors and outdoors
  • can be sanded and painted over