Right chemical solutions and expert service

Kiilto finds the best chemical solution for every situation together with the customer – with decades of experience.

We provide the food industry with customer analysis, washing needs analysis, a comprehensive product selection for all food hygiene needs, microbiological cleanness level measurements and product training.

Continuous improvement

Our customers’ processes change constantly. We are involved in the change. Kiilto has a strong Finnish product development organisation that can help customers face new challenges. Our development activities cover the entire organisation. We develop and manufacture our products in Finland in a responsible manner with care for people and the environment. As a Finnish operator, we understand the Northern conditions and the requirements for products. We are genuinely close by and provide a quick response to customers’ problems as well as unique delivery reliability.

Expert technical service

With the products and services aimed at the food industry, our customers can ensure the functioning of their production processes. The aim of our technical services is to develop washing processes in cooperation with our customers and achieve cost savings. Our solutions give our customers the freedom to focus on their own activities without disruption, thanks to our regular and reliable technical customer service.