Reporting about corporate responsibility highlights actions taken for sustainable development

Kiilto’s sustainability report 2021 has been published. The report conforms with the GRI standard and will be updated annually from now on. 

“We used to publish a sustainability report every third year, but the continuous monitoring of our Promise to the Environment targets makes the more frequent reporting a natural improvement. This also gives our customers a more comprehensive perspective on our sustainability work,” says Kiilto’s Brand and Communications Director Eeva Solja.

Although Kiilto is under no legal obligation to produce a sustainability report, Solja says that open reporting has been an integral part of the company’s communication culture for a long time. It is equally obvious that the report conforms with a generally known, international standard.

“This makes the contents more understandable and comparable with other reports. The report works as a tool of continuous improvement for us, and an evaluation tool for our customers and other stakeholders,” she says.

The report, published in English, is available on the Kiilto website, covering all the 11 countries where the company operates.

Read Kiilto’s sustainability report

Daily operations inspiring target monitoring

The environment lies at the core of Kiilto’s sustainability work. Solja says that this is a conscious choice.

“We are operating in a field that has so much to offer in terms of future solutions. Solutions that recreate the framework for environmental wellbeing. Solutions that help the environment and our society to live in balance,” she says.

Solutions are innovated at Kiilto in Promise to the Environment working groups in four areas: green energy, green services, green packaging and logistics and green materials, covering all aspects of the company’s operations.

“All this is ambitious and covers a lot of ground. Individual goals may be difficult to understand for those who are not familiar with the subject. This is why we wanted to create metrics that everyone can relate to. Instead of talking about carbon dioxide equivalent tons, for example, we tell how many LED lamps the consumption corresponds to. From our website it is now possible also to check how many milk cartons correspond to the target we have reached in terms of green packaging at the moment,” says Solja.

“Our overhauled sustainability reporting gives an even better picture of us as a social actor and partner from the viewpoint of sustainability issues. This takes us yet another step towards our goal of being the environmental leader in our industry.” 

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