Recently opened restaurant in Oslo invests in environmentally friendly solutions together with Kiilto

The past 12 months have been a tough for the restaurant industry. However, Brasilia opened its new grill restaurant in Oslo, Norway on December 1 and takes hygiene and infection control very seriously during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. Brasilia, which also has a restaurant in Bergen, has chosen Kiilto as the total supplier of cleaning and disinfectant products from the brands Kiilto Pro and Antibac.

The world’s best restaurants have an impeccably clean kitchen. It is an indicator of the restaurant’s food standards and shows that the restaurant’s staff values ​​high quality in their work. Good hygiene also shows the ability to organize and maintain a well-managed kitchen.  

Opening a new restaurant during the pandemic is challenging. Hence, at restaurant Brasilia in Oslo, they have taken a strong focus on hygiene.

“We have five folded the number of Antibac hand hygiene stations, we change the serving equipment in the buffet at least every hour and make sure both the staff and guests wear masks whenever they move in the restaurant”, tells Nikolaos Kiosses, owner of Brasilia.

“In addition, we have established new routines and for example the toilets must be disinfected every hour on the busiest days.”

All together more than thirty Antibac hand disinfectant dispensers are located at the entrance and exit, in the kitchen, at the buffet and in the toilets. All cleaning is done with Kiilto Pro cleaning products.

Product training is provided

The Nordic brands Kiilto Pro and Antibac are both produced by Kiilto. When choosing Kiilto as a partner a restaurant can make sure that both the pace of innovation and knowledge about the products are good. Product training and hygiene courses can also be held for all employees.

Hans Erik Jacobsen, KAM at Kiilto, has held product training to the employees in restaurant Brasilia. He says that he is very happy to be given the opportunity to help define hygiene and set up hygiene stations from the beginning. There has been a good collaboration with Egge Import, first with restaurants in Bergen and now in Oslo.

“In a busy everyday life, it is not very easy to get time to get acquainted with new products. Therefore, product training was a helpful. We have been very happy with the products so far”, says restaurant manager Roberta Giedrikaité.

Common environmental goals

In Norway, environmentally friendly solutions are very popular. Since Kiilto has a strong focus on environmental friendliness in terms of packaging, energy consumption, logistics and services it has been a good way to introduce new products for the market.

“The products in the series from Kiilto Pro have a high environmental profile and 73% are marked with the Nordic Ecolabel. We have experienced that our customers highly value this. It’s nice to tell that we also have our very own Natura-series which is made from plant-based raw materials”, rejoices May-Britt Siljan, Marketing Manager in Norway.