Realising your dreams requires good groundwork

Blosius invests in making careful preparations, whether it be for contract quotes or bathroom renovations. The company has been collaborating with Kiilto for a long time.

In a semi-detached house in Espoo, the bathroom renovation is coming along nicely. The waterproofing has dried, and the installer is expertly placing tiles on the wall.

Project Manager Henrietta Malmari from Blosius says that this project, too, started with the making of precise and concrete plans.

“Our quotes always include illustrative images of the outcome and a detailed description of what will be done and how long the project will take. The price is fixed and also includes plumbing and electrical installation, for example.”

Malmari points out that this way the customer gets an accurate idea of what they are about to order, which facilitates making such a big decision.

“People have many dreams when it comes to bathroom renovations. However, it’s important to remain realistic and also think about concrete matters already at the beginning of the project.”

Just add soap

Blosius kylpyhuoneremontit Oy, which operates in Uusimaa, Finland, carries out wet-room renovations for households and housing companies. Blosius provides its customers with a complete package, so all they need to do for their new bathroom is to add soap.

Managing Director Jaakko Rosti emphasises that the principle is the same for both housing companies and households.

“Everything will be thought out in advance; made concrete, illustrated and scheduled, so that decision-making in meetings is easier. Shareholders will be provided with the opportunity to have a say on what kinds of tiles and furniture will be installed in their bathroom.”

Promises kept

Rosti adds that the company’s operating model and the principle of sticking to promises also requires an established partner network that shares the same values.

“We only use Finnish and Nordic suppliers. It’s extremely important to us, for instance, that materials are delivered when they are supposed to.”

Bathroom renovation projects consist of many different phases. If delays occur in one phase, it affects the schedule of the entire project.

Trust in Kiilto quality

Blosius has been collaborating with Kiilto for a long time. “Kiilto’s products are the best overall choice in the industry. The products are of high quality and readily available,” says Rosti.

Rosti also appreciates how easy it is to get a hold of one of Kiilto’s specialists. “Kiilto has always provided us with help and expert advice when necessary.”

According to Rosti, Kiilto also has a good reputation in housing companies.

“When the board members of a housing company are told that Kiilto’s products will be used in the renovations, they are always happy with the choice.”

Area Manager Daniel Hilli from Kiilto says that Kiilto has organised, for example, wet-room trainings for Blosius. “The training events have provided information on matters such as regulation changes and new products.”

With the experience of eight thousand renovation projects

Blosius Kylpyhuoneremontit Oy has been operating for 25 years. Malmari estimates that the milestone of 8,000 renovations will soon be reached.

“We have carried out renovations throughout the pandemic period. Our twenty plus installers have been working all year round. Nowadays, Finns are keen on home improvement, and they are ready to invest in bathroom renovations.”

The bathroom renovation at the semi-detached house in Espoo is well under way. The beautiful, light-coloured tiles are about to hide the Kiilto levelling compound and waterproofing.

In this case, as well, the realisation of dreams has required good groundwork.

“Minimalist and fresh Scandinavian style. Timeless and elegant,” comments Malmari on the outcome.

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