Product change for products containing glutaraldehyde

Our product selection is undergoing changes in regard to products containing glutaraldehyde. This also affects our product for the automated disinfection of endoscopes.

Erihyd Termo 5 L disinfectant (product code 8140) is being replaced with Thermoton Desinfektant (product code 8142) manufactured by the German company Dr. Schumacher GmbH.

Thermoton Desinfektant meets the Medical Device Directive, has a CE label (class IIb, NB no. 0482) and its usage properties correspond with Erihyd Termo. When the replacing product is introduced, the dosage will not change and the change will not require a separate calibration of the endoscope washing and disinfection device.

More detailed information and instructions for use are available on the Thermoton Desinfektant product page and the product information sheet.

Thermoton Desinfektant is already available at our logistics centre. Erihyd Termo Disinfectant is still in our product selection but will be phased out during 2017.

For more information on this product and our product selection, you can also contact your local cleanness and hygiene expert.