Our Promise to the Environment helps customers achieve environmental goals

Recycling, a smaller carbon footprint and environmentally friendly materials, products and packaging. To many of Kiilto’s customers, being mindful of the environment is a significant part of business and a prerequisite for operations. Achieving environmental goals requires a partner with strong competence on environmental issues.

Our Promise to the Environment is part of Kiilto’s culture as well as a way of thinking and developing the company's operations into a more environmentally friendly direction. However, facilitating the everyday lives of our customers plays an equally important a role in Our Promise to the Environment.

“Many of our customers are strongly committed to environmental friendliness and are actively looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Consumers are also demanding more environmentally friendly products. We want to help them achieve these,” says Anssi Asikainen, Managing Director of Kiilto Group.

Kiilto wants to be the environmental leader in its field and has set ambitious environmental goals for its operations. Our Promise to the Environment is reflected in Kiilto’s operations as continuous development of more environmentally friendly solutions. Our environmental goals are related to green materials, energy, packaging, logistics and services.

“We will not only talk about our environmental goals but also act on them; we will take concrete measures that save the environment and help us towards our goal of carbon neutrality. In Finland, the chemical industry has set an ambitious goal of being carbon neutral by 2045. At group level, Kiilto will achieve that already in 2028,” continues Asikainen.

Check here where we are at the moment in reaching this goal.

Less waste and more environmentally friendly solutions

Together with its customers, Kiilto will make an effort to tackle recycling challenges, for example. Among other things, a closed packaging cycle is being piloted for professional hygiene and construction. Greener packaging materials are also being constantly developed. Greener packaging also makes recycling easier for the customer.

For example, Kiilto has changed the material of its grout and screed bags from a combination of paper and plastic to bags made of just one, mostly recycled plastic material. The end customer can recycle them much more easily.

“We also try to minimise the overall amount of waste and loss of our customers by offering them various service solutions and reducing the amount of packaging material. In practice, this means, for example, larger packages or the complete omission of packaging material in bulk deliveries,” describes KiiltoClean Group's Managing Director Kari Laakso.

Together with its customers, Kiilto takes steps towards achieving common environmental goals by attentively listening to their needs and possible development suggestions. When it turned out that a packaging made of biodegradable material used in the food industry was not completely biodegradable without a biodegradable adhesive, Kiilto launched a biodegradable hot melt adhesive.

As part of its environmentally friendly services, Kiilto has promised to help its customers reduce their environmental footprint. Customers can also benefit economically from the environmentally friendly solutions.“At best, a new environmentally friendly service concept can also be more cost-effective and a better way of doing things. It’s precisely these kinds of solutions that we try to find for our customers,” points out Laakso.



Active discussion and partnership

According to Anssi Asikainen, Our Promise to the Environment has received positive feedback and given rise to discussion between Kiilto and its customers.

“We actively discuss environmental issues with our networks and reflect together on the environmental benefits that could be achieved with our solutions.”

Kiilto wants to make its environmental ideology even more visible to its customers.

“We strive openly and actively to raise awareness of what we do for the environment. We want to be a pioneer in environmental issues and thus a reliable partner for achieving environmental goals,” sums up Kari Laakso.