Our Professional Textile Washing Powders become Kiilto Pro products

Formerly known as Serto Pro products, all professional textile washing powders are rebranded as Kiilto Pro before the end of the year. As a part of our Promise to the Environment, the washing powder collection is improved with features that are more environmental-friendly and guarantee even better washing result than before. 

Better result while taking environment into account

The colour protecting Kiilto Pro BioColor Textile (previously Serto BioColor) and the effective Kiilto Pro Ultra Textile with bleaching feature (previously Serto Active) become phosphate-free products. Their anti-graying feature is increased, and with new enzymes, their stain removal ability is improved even in lower washing temperatures. A new feature of removing fuzz & pill is also added to the renewed powders.

All of the washing powders have increased their amount of plant-based ingredients. The non-perfumed options, Kiilto Pro Ultra Textile and Kiilto Green Textile (previously Serto Green), are Vegan-labeled.

New brand, new packaging

Alongside of improved product features, the renewed washing powders' visual look is updated to be aligned with other Kiilto Pro products. To clearly separate the new Kiilto Pro products from the previous options, the new packages wear new names and codes. You can download a brochure containing all the changes to product information by clicking here.

Kiilto Pro for Professional Textile Wash

These changes continue the work started in the end of 2020, when we announced that our liquid textile wash detergents and rinse aids are being redesigned into Kiilto Pro products. Serto remains as a consumer brand for high-quality laundry products in Kiilto's product range.

Interested in the new, improved Kiilto Pro washing powders? Learn more about them from their brochures by clicking on the product name: