Nordic Swan ecolabelling and eligibility

Builders, developers and renovators are showing a growing interest in the environmental and health impact of products. Kiilto Oy's customer service department often answers questions regarding ecolabelled products. Kiilto construction products do not carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. However, most of its products meet the criteria for the label, and can be used in buildings that wish to apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

One of the innovations steering the Finnish building industry is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, or more specifically, construction that meets the criteria for Nordic Swan ecolabelling. New buildings are permitted to carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel if all materials used in the building meet the criteria for each particular product group, and the requirements for both indoor climate and environmental impact are fulfilled.

How to identify products labelled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

Most consumers are familiar with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. It is the most widely known ecolabel in Finland, covering more than 2000 products and services. As the trend for ecolabelled construction grows, building contractors and designers require more information about products that meet the criteria.

Products that meet the criteria are listed in the database for chemical building products. With the help of the database, builders can make the right product choices for each project. The database enables builders to easily take into account and monitor any environmental and health impact right from the beginning of the construction and design process.

Aiming for sustainable building and a healthy indoor climate

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is an optional certificate awarded by Ecolabel Finland under Motiva Services Oy. Companies can apply for the licence for products and services that meet the defined criteria. Builders can apply for the licence for buildings.

Investing in healthy, safe and sustainable living environments is becoming more and more common. The objective of Nordic Swan building ecolabelling is to minimise environmental impact and ensure a high-quality sustainable living environment as well as a healthy indoor climate for residents.

Part of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel scheme

Ecolabelling in Finland is part of the Nordic Swan Ecolabel scheme — a scheme that is also observed in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland. Kiilto products meet the criteria for Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which is a clear indication to building contractors and designers that our products can be used in buildings carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in other countries as well.

The criteria are revised every three to five years in accordance with new environmental knowledge, technical developments and market conditions. When the criteria are revised, the licence holders are required to re-apply for the label. This means that the number of products carrying the Nordic Swan Ecolabel in the market varies.