New DAX dispensers available in Sweden

Kiilto introduces a new hand hygiene solution to Sweden that helps businesses to keep their clients safe and assist in infection prevention by both touch-free and manual approach.

With its flexibility, quality and user-friendliness, the new DAX dispenser series is an excellent choice for healthcare, dentistry, schools, restaurants, public toilets and other facilities with a variety of visitors.

The new dispensing solution contains two different dispenser options, both of them simple to install and use. Touch-free DAX SMART doses automatically when hands are placed under it. DAX EASY is a manually working option which requires no batteries. They can be attached on a wall or a separately sold stand which allows to freely place the dispensers anywhere needed.

“The new solution helps to maintain hand hygiene easily and in a smart way as the names suggest. Downtime of the automatic dispenser can be minimized efficiently as it features an indicator which shows when the product or batteries are running out. The solution comes with the widest range of hand hygiene products available for different uses. The same products can also be used in the manual dispenser”, Anna Vahokoski, Kiilto’s category manager of personal hygiene products, explains.

The dispensing units go together with hand hygiene products featuring a dosing pump specially made to fit the mentioned dispensers for reliable dosing. These include DAX Mildtvål for cleaning hands as well as two different hand disinfectant products, DAX Clinical and DAX Alcogel, the last one answering the local needs especially in general public use.

The dispensing solution is available in Norway also, where it has a local product range and goes by the name Antibac Modell X.