New AirDes® service for disinfecting air and surfaces

Kiilto has added a new service to its selection: AirDes® disinfection. The AirDes® service means that our partner performs the dry steaming on your premises without you having to purchase dry steaming equipment. Kiilto ensures a smooth overall process starting with a needs survey.

AirDes® disinfection is performed through hydrogen-peroxide based dry steaming, which has been scientifically proven to be an effective and broad-spectrum method for disinfecting surfaces and air. The method is safe to use and its applications include hospitals and food industry facilities, among others. The method’s effectiveness is easy to demonstrate with test strips.

The disinfection equipment is available in two sizes: Nocospray 2 is ideal for small premises or items (such as baling machines), and Nocomax Easy is suited to large premises of up to 20,000 m3. The equipment is easy to use and can be set on timer. The space is usable immediately after the disinfection.

Watch the video: