Mikkeli offers long-lasting solutions for everyday living

The Mikkeli Housing Fair will last until 13.8.2017. After that, the houses located in the picturesque fair area will turn into real homes, and the owners will finally be able to bring in their own wares and furniture. From that moment on, all the new materials and design ideas will be put into a real test.

As in earlier years, Kiilto products are widely used in many of the houses in the fair area this year. One of them is the house no. 5 called Wave, whose bathroom is waterproofed with Kiilto Kerafiber system. The bathroom as well as the entire house is built with high quality and lasting materials, which offer the dwellers everyday luxury. This unique house was widely featured in several Finnish interior design magazines.

Kiilto Kerafiber is a micro-fiber reinforced, one-component waterproofing membrane for interior wet areas under tiling. The product is sprayable, which facilitates and accelerates both the application and the entire waterproofing process. In Wave, walls and floors are grouted with Kiilto tile grouts: light gray 43 for walls, carbon gray 248 and gray brown 238 for floors.

Wave has a beautiful oak parquet, which is installed with a water-free Kiilto Flex parquet adhesive. The adhesive is ideal for an engineered wood parquet, block and plank parquet offering an elastic and durable result.Kiilto Flex parquet adhesive is also used in Villa Saimaanhelmi (no. 8) for their engineered wood parquet. Floor joints and expansion joints in Wave are done with Kiiltofix Masa Adhesive Sealant.

House No. 16, Asunto Oy Saimaa Ateljee, consists of two semi-detached houses, whose wet rooms, sauna and the utility room are done with Kiilto Kerafiber waterproofing system. The design of the house was inspired by nature: land, water and air. The sauna and the laundry facilities beautifully mix wood and stone creating a feel of tranquility and high quality. The beautiful, light spaces are grouted with Kiilto tile grout, colour 39 marble white, and the floor tiles were grouted with a matching colour, 243 pale gray. The colours in the toilet offer a radical contrast: the dramatic black tiles are grouted with black Kiilto tile grout, colour 50. The walls and ceilings in dry areas are smoothed and plastered with Kiilto products and either painted or finished in other ways. 

At house no. 8, Villa Saimaanhelmi, the bathroom floor drain is fitted next to the wall, which gives a beautiful and elegant look. All bathroom tiles are of the same size, 600 mm X 600 mm adding a personal look for the space. The wet areas are waterproofed with Kerafiber waterproofing system, and floor tiles are installed with Kiilto Floorfix DF Floor tile adhesive.

Kiilto KeraPro is a rapid waterproofing system that is used in the house no. 30. KeraPro is a very fast and all-inclusive waterproofing system for interior wet areas. All the products of the system are fully compatible with each other, from base to surface. Apart from the waterproofing membrane, the system includes primers, floor levelling compounds, tile grouts, wall plasters and tile fixing adhesives and mortars. The hall of this house is done with Kiilto products, and the tiles are installed by using Kiilto Link-system. Walls are wallpapered with Kiilto Nowo and the slatted ceiling is done with Kiilto LH Surface finish.

The key issues in the building project are workable, user-friendly products and a high-quality result. Kiilto products are fully tested and made to last in order to facilitate the builder’s work and to provide comfortable and safe living. Kiilto wishes all fair visitors inspirational fairs, and warmly welcomes the house owners to their new homes.