Light and durable floor modules for ships

Esmarin Composites, which makes prefabricated floors for ships’ cabins, is engaged in close cooperation with Kiilto. Gluing is a fundamental part of the manufacturing process.

Esmarin Composites manufactures easily installed, light and durable composite solutions.
Its CEO, Jonne Tynkkynen, states that the family firm already has 25 years of experience in the sector. Esmarin has grown and developed rapidly in recent years. Its prefabricated floors for cabin modules have become its flagship product.

“The manufacture of a cabin module begins with the floor. When the prefabricated floor is ready, it is sent from our factory to other cabin manufacturers, which continue construction from the floor upwards,” explains Tynkkynen.

Esmarin has 40 employees and manufactures floors largely by hand. Dozens of prefabricated floors leave the plant each day.

“Although we manufacture for the Finnish marine industry, we also have a customer in Western France.”

Collaboration between experts

Tynkkynen points out that a great deal of gluing is needed during the assembly of prefabricated floors.

“Each prefabricated floor is glued to a steel structure and tiles are fixed onto the floor.”

Esmarin Composites is engaged in close cooperation with Kiilto.

“It wouldn’t be rational for us to research and develop gluing. It makes more sense to use an expert in the sector; a partner that provides us with overall support in our gluing processes. Then we can focus on our own strengths.”

Adhesive custom-made for the manufacturing process

Kiilto has tailored the Kestopur PL240/15 structural adhesive for Esmarin.

“The adhesive has been custom-made for our processes, so as to have just the right open and pressing time. Of course, it also provides strong adhesion and is well adapted to the materials we use.”

Juha Vauhkonen, Regional Manager at Kiilto, says that the R&D was performed at Kiilto’s research laboratory.

“In practice, adhesion and structural performance were tested in a weather cabinet, for example. We replicated the long-term stress to which materials and structures are subjected by varying temperatures and humidity levels.”

Commissioning of gluing pumps

Jonne Tynkkynen explains that Kiilto also helped Esmarin to acquire the most suitable gluing pumps for the plant’s production processes.

”Kiilto also trained our staff in using the gluing solutions.”

”In addition, we have a large R&D project underway. We’re making a good solution even better, i.e. we’re streamlining our production with Kiilto,” says Tynkkynen.