Levypinta’s choice of adhesive for demanding applications

Levypinta Finland’s products are designed to endure extreme wear. Kiilto supplies a suitable adhesive for these products straight from the factory.

Founded in 2013, Levypinta manufactures products to be used in locations that require surface materials to sustain a lot of wear. The company manufactures laminated furniture boards for specialist furniture industry manufacturers, who in turn supply furniture to hotels, schools, hospitals, nurseries and other public locations, as well as to the shipbuilding industry.

As a basis for its products, Levypinta uses boards supplied by Koskinen Oy and Formica. Chipboard, MDF board or birch plywood coated with laminate are used to form the structure of the products.

The right product for the right location

Levypinta runs two coating lines, where laminate is glued by using Kiilto’s Kestopress 3200 V adhesive.

“The adhesive has been specially developed for laminating and veneering. The adhesive meets the criteria for water-resistance and indoor air quality, and is suitable for the company’s production cycle in terms of open time, pressing time and temperature. The right product and the right process were found through a trial run”, says Timo Ahonen Regional Manager for Kiilto.

The process must be agile as Levypinta processes hundreds of thousands of square metres of boards annually. Production is mainly carried out in Finland and is growing steadily.

“We started operating in 2013, when we had one employee. At the moment, the company employs 11 people. The turnover in 2015 was 3.3 million euro”, says Uusitalo.

Fluent and agile processes

Production runs 52 weeks a year, and Kiilto supplies Levypinta 1–2 adhesive containers weighing 1,000 kilos on a weekly basis.

The co-operation has become efficient and flexible very quickly.

“We do have meetings when necessary, but when everything is running smoothly, there’s no need to meet”, jokes Uusitalo.