Kiilto’s new product manager for industrial adhesives in Estonia aims for new developments

Kiilto Estonia’s new product manager Andres Kullam has lengthy experience and extensive knowledge in the field of industrial adhesives. He plans to use it to maintain and grow Kiilto’s customer base, bring about new developments and increase the company’s productiveness.

Andres Kullam was attracted to Kiilto by its strong factory team, high-quality products and long-term experience in the market.

“Strong backing by the professional product development unit and laboratory in Finland give additional confidence and motivation. I am also hoping for some freedom to act independently and bring about new developments.”

Regarding the major changes in the adhesive industry in recent years, Kullam mentions the reduction of formaldehyde, a carcinogenic compound that is used in some wood adhesives.

Customer is king

The cornerstone of Kiilto’s business and culture is its customers.

“Our customers benefit immensely from the company hiring Andres”, says Tanel Lonks, managing director of Kiilto Estonia.

“I dare say that it even gives them a competitive edge on the market. Andres is very well known in his field, and he himself has become a brand. His decades of experience are invaluable to both Kiilto’s innovation team and our customers”, Lonks continues.

Exciting times ahead

Lonks adds that Kiilto’s plans are unprecedentedly ambitious.

“Our mission is to create a sustainable future, and we want to do it profitably. By 2025, we aim to have the best customer experience on the market in our field and our services to lead the market.”

Lonks states that Kullam’s access to Kiilto’s 100 years of adhesive production experience and the entire Kiilto adhesive portfolio will shake up the entire Estonian market.

“Therefore, I believe that incredibly exciting times are ahead for Andres, our customers and Kiilto.”