Kiilto’s innovation programme created new business

Kiilto's strong experimental culture has generated new products: Erisan+, a natural cosmetics collection, is a fast-tracked winner of Kiilto’s internal innovation competition.

The Kiilto Up idea competition was first launched among Kiilto employees in 2017, inviting them to contribute to business development. The aim was to find new kinds of products and services. Four months of frantic efforts culminated in the victory of the Microbiome team in December with the project “Flourish with skin flora!”.

“We were slightly surprised by our win, since our idea still needs some refinement. Several other teams seemed to have taken their product ideas further. It’s great that the company has the courage to throw itself behind new ideas in this way,” said the team members after their win was announced.

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Increased skin resistance

The winning team envisaged a range of natural cosmetics containing prebiotics. Prebiotics boost the skin’s innate resistance, promoting skin health by encouraging the growth of beneficial microbes. Work on the new product line began while the innovation programme was still underway, based on a version of the idea further developed by experts.  

The result was the Erisan+ collection, which was placed on shop shelves last autumn.

“It’s been amazing to see the practical results of the team’s hard work. Our employees are a huge resource and expert network when we want to engage in business development and seek new ideas. We need to showcase our experimental culture and keep the innovation threshold low, so that people dare to suggest even the ‘craziest’ ideas,” explains Ville Solja, Chief Business Development Officer.

Erisan+ is a fragrance-free range of products for sensitive skin, including five facial care products. The collection is currently being retailed in Finland and has been awarded the FI-Natura natural cosmetics certificate; the Allergy Label of the Finnish Allergy, Skin and Asthma Federation; and the Key Flag Symbol.

The Erisan+ series has been given a warm welcome. Magazine columns have already given its products top ratings. Erisan+ beauty lotion (MeNaiset) and serum (Anna) have been rated the best products in their category.

New business development continues

Ideas were again fast-tracked in Kiilto in 2018. On that occasion too, this resulted in the further development of ideas which were the outcome of a huge investment of time and expertise.

“I’ve been stunned by the employees’ efforts and desire to build new things together. In addition, we have developed another way of identifying and spotting new business opportunities,” says Solja.

Kiilto Ventures seeks, develops and scales innovations outside its core business, by creating and engaging in cooperation with startups.”

Solja states that the main focus is on solutions that support Kiilto’s Promise to the environment.   

“We are particularly interested in finding sustainable solutions that improve or replace existing approaches, and help us build a brighter future for all.”

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