Kiilto’s ambition of environmental leadership results in Promise to the Environment

Having long-term focus, safety, and high quality has always been integral to Kiilto’s operations. Environmental responsibility is built into our processes. The drive for continuous improvement shows in our efforts to use more environmentally friendly raw materials, to engage more in the circular economy, and to use energy efficiently. Our desire to be the environmental leader in our field of business guides our actions.

We will achieve this leadership through our actions. In Finland, we launched the Promise to the Environment project in spring 2018, with the goal of setting concrete, ambitious, and quantifiable environmental targets to have major impacts on matters that have positive environmental impacts. The project is divided into segments, and the measures concern material choices, packaging and logistics, services, and energy solutions.

By the end of last year, the ambitious objective of environmental leadership had crystallised into the corresponding concrete promises:

  • Green material choices: We are the leading company in the circular economy.
  • Green packaging and logistics: Positive environmental impacts are the foundation of our packaging solutions.
  • Green services: Kiilto Pro Services offer the best circular economy solutions in the business.
  • Green energy: All our company operations will be carbon-neutral by 2028.

Everyone at Kiilto cares for the environment

The project is not limited to personnel responsible for quality and safety. Everyone working at Kiilto cares for the environment. We feel that environmental responsibility means more than merely following laws and recommendations. Care for the environment starts with our attitude and the way we think. Only if we genuinely want to be more environmentally friendly can we convert attitudes to processes and an operating culture that permeates the entire organisation. This is something we want to emphasise more in our communication in the future, as we believe in the power of providing a strong, consistent example to others.

In addition to improving our own operations, we aim to promote environmentally friendly decision-making by exerting our influence through various projects and forums. As a family-run Finnish business, it is easy for us to understand the importance and uniqueness of the natural environment. Our environment is a concern that we all share, which is why we also want to help our customers act with more environmental awareness, while increasing wellbeing and building a sustainable future.

100 years as a pioneer

We have worked long and hard for safe and environmentally friendly solutions. In construction, for example, Kiilto is the first manufacturer to receive the Finnish M1 classification for the building materials used in all of its wet room systems, while our cleanliness and hygiene solutions generally carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. However, environmental considerations are not limited to our products and services, and examples of Kiilto being a visionary in environmental affairs exist throughout the company’s history. Today, assessing the environmental impact of all ongoing projects and their implementation in accordance with green principles are integral to Kiilto’s operations. 

Eeva Solja
Brand and Communications Director