Kiilto to gather all of its companies under the same brand and redesign its logo

Kiilto, a soon to be 100-year-old family company will harmonise its communication by gathering all of its companies under the same brand. The reform will include KiiltoClean Group, which offers cleanliness and hygiene solutions, Kiilto Group, which specialises in chemical bonding and construction solutions, and Kiilto Family Group, the parent company of both Group's. With the reform, the companies will also be united under a new, common logo.

Kiilto launched an extensive branding project at the beginning of this year. A key aim was to clarify and simplify the Group’s brand architecture and communication. The outcome was one, common brand, Kiilto, under which the sub-brand Kiilto Pro for professional customers was established.

”Earlier, Kiilto’s communication was mainly based on the communication and marketing scheme of Kiilto Group and KiiltoClean Group, the two largest companies in the Kiilto Family Group. Until now, our communication has, to a large extent, been based on organisational structures and company boundaries,not our comprehensive range of expertise”, says Eeva Solja, Brand and Communications Director at Kiilto.

In addition to a common logo and visual appearance, the brand reform will break internal silos. Kiilto has four business areas: professional construction, professional cleanliness and hygiene, industrial bonding and cleaning solutions and consumer business. In addition to its offering, the company also wants to ensure that the uniform brand and logo will more effectively convey the principles that guide the company’s business and lie at the core of the Kiilto brand.

”We want to be an environmental leader in our fields thatis committed to the future, operates close to our customers and helps them be kings in their respective fields, both nationally and internationally”, Solja says.

According to a background survey, the Kiilto brand enjoys a high awareness rate in Finland – 93%.(KantarTNS survey 5/2018). The Kiilto logo, which has almost become iconic among Finns, was not redesigned overnight.

”Our portfolio covers a variety of needs that the logo must address. We contemplated a lot on what we wanted to keep and what elements we were ready to give up. I think we managed to find a good balance in this”, Solja says.

The design and font of the new logo aim to be timeless, yet interesting. The logo derives elements and identity from Kiilto’s history. The letter K, for instance, originates fromadvertising materials from the company´s early decades.The new logo was created by Marko Salonen from Bond Creative Agency.

Next year, the family owned company will celebrate its 100th anniversary. According to Solja, Kiilto’s way to operate has always involved a future-oriented attitude and the quest for new things.

”Renewal together with an ambitious environmental programme are part of committing ourselves to the future, which is at the core of our brand. I believe that the brand reforms we are conducting now will help us develop our internal and external communication in a more customer-oriented direction. We at Kiilto are one.”

You can download the new logo here.


Further information:

Eeva Solja

Brand and Communications Director