Kiilto strengthens its position as a comprehensive kitchen hygiene partner by acquiring Svenska Diskbolaget AB

KiiltoClean AB has acquired Svenska Diskbolaget AB, its long-time supplier of solid dishwashing solutions. As a result, Kiilto strengthens its position as a comprehensive food services partner in the Nordics. 

”We’re truly excited to welcome Diskbolaget team to Kiilto. We believe that together with their know-how, we’re able to further develop the solid dishwashing solution and our whole food services business,” says Juha Suoniemi, Kiilto’s Business Area Director of Professional Hygiene. 

The acquisition enables Kiilto to serve its existing and new food services customers with even better and more holistic solutions than before. It also gives Kiilto a steady foothold in the Nordic market allowing it to build and grow its Kiilto Pro food services business. 

A strategic fit for the benefit of the customers 

Kiilto wants to develop food services solutions as a strategic focus area of its Professional Hygiene business. Solid dishwashing plays a very important role in the plans. Svenska Diskbolaget is an expert in this field, having a solid track record in product innovation as well as achieving sustainable profitable growth.  

“We have been co-operating for years and know each other already pretty well, so we’re confident that this acquisition is a good fit for us. Our goal is to continue the excellent work Svenska Diskbolaget has done for years with their customers and keep on strengthening and developing the cooperation with the customers even further,” Suoniemi continues.  

With an augmented portfolio in food services, Kiilto can offer better and more comprehensive solutions for customers, both existing and new.   

“We already have many years of cooperation behind us, and it feels like this acquisition is a logical step forward. We see synergy effects that will give us new and challenging market opportunities. The staff is full of anticipation and it will be really exciting to get started as part of the Kiilto family. We are now looking forward to adding as much as we can to Kiilto Pro food services business,” Stefan Mosell, Svenska Diskbolaget’s Managing Director, adds. 

Operations continue to run normally  

“We are excited about this change but it’s also important for us to make sure that the day-to-day operations keep running, and we continue to take good care of our customers as well as our personnel”, Suoniemi states. 



Kiilto is a family-owned group from Finland, with over a hundred-year history and a vision looking ahead to 2080. Kiilto develops, produces and markets chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial adhesives and fireproofing, professional hygiene, and consumer business. The key principles underlying Kiilto’s operations are environmental leadership, closeness, and commitment to the future. They operate in 11 countries and employ nearly 1000 people. In 2020 group’s net sales amounted to 294 M€. Kiilto’s brands in Sweden are Kiilto Pro and DAX.


Svenska Diskbolaget AB 

Svenska Diskbolaget AB started its operations at Limhamn, Sweden, in 1995. The company produces and sells detergent products and dosing systems and provides technical support and services of dishwashing equipment. They work together with some 60 wholesalers and retailers, and almost 400 restaurants in southern Sweden. They employ 10 people, and their net sales was 45 MSEK in 2019.

More information: 

Juha Suoniemi 
Business Area Director, Professional Hygiene 
Tel. +358 40 763 9674 
Patrik Hene 
Managing Director, Sweden 
KiiltoClean AB 
Tel. +46 (0)72 225 38 85 

Stefan Mosell 
Managing Director 
Svenska Diskbolaget AB 
Tel. +46 709 24 82 01