Kiilto responds to increased demand by extending production of hand disinfection products to the Hankasalmi factory

The coronavirus pandemic has increased by many times the demand for hand disinfection products, both for consumers and occupational hygiene use. In Finland, Kiilto’s Erisan and Erisan Pro hand rubs for hand disinfection have been manufactured only in Turku, while the Hankasalmi factory has focused production on Kiilto’s home cleaning products.

To respond to the changed situation as well as possible, Kiilto has stepped up its production in many ways during the first half of the year, including recruiting more production workers and switching to 24-hour production in Turku.

As a result of the efficiency measures, production is currently between five and 10 times higher than previously. Product groups have been prioritised according to the situation, and efforts have been made to focus on products that customers need most urgently. Regarding the availability of products, due to the high demand, priority has been given to the healthcare sector and other contract customers.

Changes have now been made at the Hankasalmi factory to allow the manufacture of disinfectant hand rubs to be started there as well. Production is due to begin this week.

“Things got underway about a week ago, and the changes have been made very quickly. We have now made raw material transfers from Turku to Hankasalmi, and already on Thursday we can start manufacturing products”, says Kiilto’s Production Manager Anssi Manninen.


Further information:

Anssi Manninen
Production Manager, Kiilto
+358 40 530 5416