Kiilto received its thirteenth Achievers certificate – Being awarded the rare Recurring Achievers badge is the result of the work of every Kiiltonian

Less than 1% of companies are awarded the Achievers certificate for more than 10 consecutive years. Kiilto received its thirteenth Achievers certificate and is one of the rare Recurring Achievers companies.

The certificate was awarded to the Kiilto Family Group by Kauppalehti. Kauppalehti is a Finnish commerce-oriented newspaper that has been in circulation since 1898. For the Achievers certificate, a financial analyst evaluates the company and awards the certificate if they find that the company is performing better than its peers.

To obtain the certificate, the financial situation of the company is measured in six different areas:

  • growth
  • profitability
  • profit or loss
  • liquidity
  • solvency
  • risk tolerance

In each area, the company is compared with companies in its own size category, with all companies in the Kauppalehti business database and with companies in its own industry. The rating for the Achievers certificate is the only rating on the Finnish market that both identifies risks and distinguishes between good companies. According to Kauppalehti, Achievers certified companies share a common vision of courage and the will to do business better than others.

“We are delighted to receive this recognition, which confirms our belief that Kiilto has long been and continues to be a financially stable and reliable partner,” says Arto Raivio, CEO of Kiilto Family. “We are in good company with the other Recurring Achievers companies and proud of Kiiltonians, as everyone has made this recognition possible with their own contribution,” Raivio continues.