Kiilto promotes the growth of timber construction

CLT Plant Oy manufactures CLT panels in Finland. The plant cooperates closely with Kiilto in production and quality control.

CLT (cross-laminated timber) is made of several crossglued layers of sawn timber. These construction panels ensure a high level of fire safety. They are also very strong and stiff, yet lightweight in relation to their properties.

This material has gained a strong foothold in Europe. Petri Hyvönen, Managing Director of CLT Plant Oy, believes that its popularity is set to grow in Finland.

“The major benefits of CLT include its negative carbon footprint. CLT binds more carbon than it releases over its life cycle,” says Hyvönen.

“CLT also binds and releases moisture, and it is antibacterial.”

Cooperation from the outset

CLT Plant cooperates closely with Kiilto. This cooperation started as early as the plant’s planning phase.

“We chose the adhesive solutions for the panels together, because adhesives are an essential part of the product. We use Kestopur G 10 as our main adhesive, along with a special adhesive tailored for our need to glue the edges of lamellas,” Hyvönen explains.

Hyvönen maintains that it is important to use adhesives that are completely formaldehydeand solvent-free.

Kiilto takes care of testing and reporting in quality control

Kiilto also provides CLT Plant with delamination testing and reporting services in line with related certification.

“It made sense for us to outsource these operations to Kiilto. We can benefit from Kiilto’s expertise without investing in a laboratory of our own. Kiilto has access to the latest information and expertise in the field, as well as state-of-the-art equipment.”