Kiilto Oxy Wash – A washing booster for the hygienic washing of textiles

Kiilto Oxy Wash is a result of our own product development: a washing booster based on hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid for hygienic laundry, removal of colourful stains, bleaching and odour removal.

Kiilto Oxy Wash powder washes textiles and makes them hygienic and fresh

  • for colour and white laundry
  • also suitable for wool and microfibre textiles
  • low washing temperatures
  • stain removal
  • odour neutralisation
  • enhanced washing power at high temperatures (+60 °C)
  • fragrance-free

Kiilto Oxy Wash is ideal for places requiring better than average hygiene, such as:

  • Care homes
  • Day-care centres
  • Veterinary clinics

For a perfect result, use the product together with a half-dose of a regular washing powder or liquid, such as Kiilto Pro Green. Put the powder in the detergent compartment. When used together with a liquid main detergent, put the liquid into the machine’s drum in a dosing ball. 

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