Kiilto is involved in developing a new construction product in Sweden

Construction elements or so-called sandwich panels are a new kinds of constructions products. In a panel consisting of sheet metal and stone wool, adhesive has a decisive role. From the beginning of 2016, Lindab has used Kiilto adhesives in its factory at Luleå, Sweden.

“Together with Kiilto, we have tested and developed an optimal adhesive for the manufacture of our sandwich panels. The development cooperation took some time, but at the same time it strengthened our trust in Kiilto. Kiilto showed its top technical expertise and willingness to cooperate,” says Process Developer Kenneth Palo, who works at Lindab in Luleå.

The cooperation between Lindab and Kiilto started with numerous tests and visits. During the project, successful cooperation on products and process development emerged between the companies.

“Kiilto’s professionalism, know-how and investment in research made an impression on us. In addition, Kiilto was genuinely interested in us and made us feel that we can trust it. For Kiilto, it was important that we get a better type of adhesive at a lower price than before.”

Towards simpler sheet metal construction

At Luleå, Lindab has carried on the special expertise of Plannja. It concentrates on sheet metal construction, primarily in industrial buildings and commercial facilities. Sheet metal construction has developed into the specialist field of the Luleå unit.

“We have simplified and developed the process from product development, design and documentation to installation and visual appearance,” continues Kenneth Palo.

The adhesive is the secret

Stringent demands are being set for buildings nowadays. Quality is the be-all and end-all of everything. It starts at the level of raw materials. The sandwich panels consist of sheet metal, stone wool and adhesive.

“From the components, we create a product intended to last long even when exposed to harsh and variable weather conditions. The functionality must meet the stringent quality requirements.”

One of the key ingredients in the panels is the adhesive. It must keep the metal sheets in place against the stone wool in both wet and dry conditions, in both heat and cold. 

Kiilto growing in Sweden

Marcus Egnor is a regional sales representative of Kiilto‘s industrial adhesives in Sweden.

“The cooperation with Lindab is a good example of how we continuously find new and better uses for our products together with our customers

“Thanks to our R&D capacity, we can offer both customer-specific solutions and support to many different industrial actors. Kiilto is growing strongly in Sweden because many other manufacturers besides Lindab appreciate close long-term cooperation.”


  • The company currently has several production units around Sweden and activities in the Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Denmark, Finland, France and Britain.
  • Lindab employs a total of approximately 5,300 persons.