Kiilto helps Moominworld recycle its plastics

Moominworld and Kiilto have launched a pilot project to cut down on plastic waste. Kiilto is also about to start other similar projects.

Ann-Karin Koskinen, marketing director at Moominworld, says the company had for long thought about how they could better recycle plastic packaging.

“Consumers can easily recycle plastic packaging, whereas companies are still facing various problems. We wanted to do something about this, but we didn’t know how to proceed,” Koskinen says.

Last summer, Moominworld heard that Kiilto was looking for a partner for a new recycling project.

“We were eager to join, and together we have worked out the recycling methods that suit us best.”

Separating different plastics

Heidi Kähkönen, product development manager at Kiilto, says that the challenges companies face in plastic recycling are associated with issues such as the practice of sorting waste in the location where it is generated.

“Different plastic grades need to be separated, which increases the workload. Another problem is that the volume of some plastic materials is too low.”

Moominworld uses Kiilto’s professional cleaning and kitchen hygiene products. During the pilot project, plastic packaging containing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is sorted into separate containers.

“We have given clear instructions on what kinds of plastic packaging can be collected in the waste containers at Moominworld, and how they can be processed.”

“It’s great to do things properly”

Mikko Mustalampi, destination manager at Moominworld, says that staff waste stations include two containers for empty Kiilto product packaging.

“After collecting, empty packaging is rinsed using small amounts of cold water, and their caps, seals and spray nozzles are removed. Then, they are placed into a transportation container. When the container is full, our waste management partner will deliver it to its plastic terminal.”

“Recycling only requires slightly more work than discarding packaging as energy waste. Above all, it’s great to do things properly,” Mustalampi says.

Following the Moomin philosophy

Koskinen says that the recycling of plastic is in line with the values of Moominworld.

“Taking care of nature is part of the Moomin philosophy. Moominworld has been built sustainably. For example, the Moominhouse is a real wooden house. In the forest and in rocky areas, visitors can get around with the help of wooden walkways to avoid disturbing any plants or animals on the island.”

“We want to lead the way in environmentally friendly operations – but subtly without anything dramatic or flashy.”

Young employees are environmentally conscious

Mustalampi says that Moominworld employs around 200 young people every summer.

“Young people are keenly aware of environmental issues and have grown up with recycling. They’re not afraid to speak out if they think we’re not doing the right thing.”

Mustalampi points out that the young cleaners are not cleaning professionals. The same also goes for Mustalampi himself.

“Kiilto has given us valuable advice not only on recycling, but also on cleaning and hygiene in general. Such comprehensive service is important to us. In the rush of the busy season, everything needs to go as planned.”

The story continues

Moominworld’s pilot project will continue until the end of summer.

“In the autumn we will analyse our experiences in the project, and we’ll most likely consider whether similar recycling could also be extended to other types of plastic,” Koskinen says.

According to Kähkönen, Kiilto is about to launch similar pilot projects with other companies.

“We want to help our customers to recycle. We want to do things that really matter, in accordance with the spirit of the circular economy.”

She says that the goal is to have a closed loop in the long term.

“Kiilto’s plastic packaging would then always be recycled to make new Kiilto packaging.”

Koskinen ja Khknen kertovat muovikierrtyksen sopivan sek Muumimaailman ett Kiillon arvoihin

Marketing director Koskinen and product development manager Kähkönen say that plastic recycling is in line with the values of both Moominworld and Kiilto.