Kiilto Group is planning to merge its Swedish companies Kiilto AB and TM Progress AB to offer more comprehensive solutions to customers

The 100 year-old family-owned Kiilto Group is planning to merge its companies, Kiilto AB and TM Progress AB, in Sweden. The aim is to provide a wider portfolio of solutions to customers by merging the two companies.  

TM Progress AB, established in 1974, was acquired by Kiilto in June 2018. Its net sales was around 27 MEUR in 2019. Kiilto AB, a local company within the Finland-based Kiilto Family Group, has been operating in Sweden since 1987. 

So far the two companies, Kiilto AB and TM Progress AB, have been operating as independent units. The planned merger would enable a more comprehensive portfolio of flooring and wet-room solutions and systems for the customers, and thus help Kiilto serve its customers even better in the future. The planned merger would not affect the geographical locations where Kiilto’s operations are carried out at the moment. 


For more information, please contact:

Johan Engwall
Managing Director, TM Progress AB