Kiilto becomes leading supplier of hygiene solutions in the Nordic region – buys the shares of CCS Healthcare Holding AB

Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, Kiilto has bought all the shares of the Swedish CCS Healthcare Holding Ab on 1 March 2019. After this acquisition, Kiilto is the market leader in hand and surface disinfection solutions also in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The acquisition enables both companies to offer a more diverse service and solution selection to their customers.

Founded in 1919, Kiilto is a family-owned Finnish company that strives to build a sustainable future and create wellbeing from cleanliness, with consideration to people and the environment. Kiilto develops, manufactures and markets chemical industry solutions and operates in four business areas: construction, industrial bonding and hygiene solutions, professional cleanliness and hygiene and consumer products. In 2018, Kiilto and its subsidiaries operated in nine countries and had about 800 employees. Last year, Kiilto’s net sales amounted to about EUR 165 million. The core principles of Kiilto business are environmental leadership, closeness and commitment to the future.

CCS Healthcare Holding AB is the leading manufacturer and distributor of hygiene and first aid products in the Nordic region. The company was established in 1860. Their most known brands are Dax, Plum, Antibac, QuickFix and QuickSafe. CCS Healthcare’s operation is divided in two business areas: workplace hygiene and workplace safety. Last year, CCS Healthcare Holding AB’s net sales were about EUR 41 million. The shares were sold by the Swedish private equity investor Segulah and the company’s executive management.

“We are very pleased with how CCS Healthcare has performed over the past years under the leadership of the current management team. We are convinced that Kiilto as a new owner will be able to further develop CCS Healthcare’s strong position across key Nordic and European markets,” says Sebastian Ehrnrooth, Chairman of Segulah Advisor AB.

New markets

The business acquisition makes CCS Healthcare Holding AB a part of KiiltoClean Group. KiiltoClean’s mission Wellbeing from cleanlinessalso speaks to the current customers of CCS Healthcare. After the acquisition, more than half of the net sales of Kiilto’s professional cleanliness and hygiene business will be generated outside Finland.

“This business acquisition will support our target of strong growth and boosts our position as an international provider of professional cleanliness and hygiene solutions not only in our current operating areas of Finland, the Baltic states and Russia, but also in Sweden, Norway and Denmark,” KiiltoClean Group’s MD Kari Laaksoenthuses.

Our common ground is a good foundation for growth

There are many common features in the companies’ businesses: strong valuation of expertise, high quality, customer insight and sustainable development.The Swan Label for Nordic environmentally-friendly products is a common sight on product packaging of both companies.

“CCS Healthcare has in recent years significantly transformed its operations and showed good profitable growth. Combining CCS Healthcare with Kiilto we are creating a Nordic powerhouse positioned for future growth”, says Dario Aganovic, CEO of CCS Healthcare Holding AB.

Both companies understand the importance of the customer as the basis for all business. It is Kiilto’s objective to provide the best service locally and to be the most attractive partner for professionals. One of Kiilto’s key operating principles is “Customer is King”.

“The customer is also king when we integrate our operations. We are able to offer a broader range of cleanliness and hygiene solutions to CCS Healthcare’s current customers. Strong product brands nicely supplement locally available selections and the modern production plant in Assens, Denmark, complements our production capacity very well. The customers are the biggest winners of this acquisition,” Laakso sums up.

More information:
Kari Laakso, Managing Director
KiiltoClean Group
+358 40 765 61 17

Dario Aganovic, CEO
CCS Healthcare Holding AB 
+46 72 555 11 01