Kiilto and Diamett Flooring: Well-bonded HDF hardboard and veneer flooring

Diamett Flooring is a long-time floor manufacturer. The company uses an adhesive made by Kiilto which tolerates significant climatic changes well and greatly enhances the quality of flooring from the Diamett collection.

Three-layer wooden floors by Diamett Flooring based in Poland are first subjected to an endurance test in containers, sometimes during a month-long shipment to the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia or South Africa. Over the course of the day, the inside of a container filled with flooring packages gets very hot. The temperature then drops sharply at night.

Compounded with changes in air humidity, this exposes the flooring to drastic changes in climatic conditions, which mainly affect the quality of the adhesive bond between individual layers of the flooring.  It is therefore essential to choose the right adhesive so as to prevent delamination.

“We have been cooperating for several years with an American company that buys layered flooring in various parts of the world. Admittedly, they decided to cooperate with us because the quality of our adhesive bond is, in their opinion, the best among all suppliers”, says Nathalie Wyskiel, owner of Diamett Flooring.

“The adhesives by Kiilto that we use tolerate such drastic climatic changes well and greatly enhance the quality of our floors.”

Almost everything goes for export

Almost the entire output of this family business has been shipped to foreign markets, including those of the EU, for years now.

“Starting next year, we want to put a lot of emphasis on promoting products under our own brand”, says Nathalie Wyskiel, owner of the company for six years, who still relies on the support, knowledge and experience of her father, Adam Wyskiel.

“We are still a family business with roots going back to 1991. I view the past six years since I took over the company as a time of growth and product improvement, modernization and development, with an emphasis on greater efficiency.”

With Kiilto into the future

“Thanks to professional advice from Kiilto, we have also been jointly developing some new business ideas for the future”, says Nathalie Wyskiel.

“Kiilto offers technical support at a high level, and the adhesive supplier is reliable and open to making further modifications to the adhesive. We are not looking for ways to cut costs that would lower the quality of the product. That’s why, as already mentioned, we do not apply the minimum amount of adhesive, but only use optimal quantity,” Wyskiel continues.

“We get the impression that we share the same goals and priorities with Kiilto. We are comfortable talking about a safe product for both the user and the manufacturer, but at the same time such that the gluing process does not require complicated operations, and the production is as easy as possible, repeatable and allows obtaining the highest quality by stabilizing this quality starting from the very selection of materials and gluing”.

“For us, the Diamett company is certainly a good reference among flooring manufacturers, not only in Poland, but also in Scandinavian countries and beyond”, says Kiilto Customer Support Manager Bartosz Bogumił.

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