Kiilto Airblock Fiber – a professional solution for air leakage control and radon repair

Kiilto Airblock Fiber is a solution for sealing problem areas and for joints in structures in general. The elastic protective coating is especially suitable for applications where airtightness is required for inlets, seams, joints and various substrates. Kiilto Airblock Fiber is the right solution for demanding professionals, as easy-to-use products help keep the costs of a project under control.

Sealing for increased home comfort and energy efficiency

Sealing against air leaks must be effective. Working methods and implementation affect the cost-effectiveness of the sealing solution. On renovation and construction sites in particular, it is important not only to keep costs under control but above all to ensure that the sealing solution used guarantees safe years of service and better indoor air.

Sealing air leaks in floor and wall joints, as well as joints in windows, balconies and exterior doors, improves the quality of living. Living comfort is further increased as draughts are reduced and indoor air quality improves. This also reduces heating costs.

In many cases, structural changes such as ventilation alterations change the pressure ratios of the building, causing replacement air to escape uncontrollably from unwanted locations. Suction caused by excessive negative pressure draws in outside air through structures, joints and inlets, resulting in poor air quality. Sealing uncontrolled leaks directs the replacement air to flow through intended channels. Kiilto Airblock Fiber seals leaks, ensuring controlled ventilation. When harmful small particles or compounds filtered from structures, for example, can no longer leak into the indoor air, the quality of indoor air is also improved.

Proven leak-free radon repairs

In addition to sealing conventional air leaks, Kiilto Airblock Fiber is suitable for controlling the radon that travels with air leaks and that is transferred by diffusion. Sealing inlets and wall and floor joints in particular ensures that there are no air leaks in the room through which radon can enter the room air.

In the case of radon, a typical situation is a concrete slab resting against the ground that is not sealed at the edges. In such cases, the gas tends to enter the interior through the seam between the floor and wall. Gloss Airblock Fiber prevents radon from entering the indoor air by forming an insulating film on the leaking seams. The sealant is intended for indoor use, but also forms an airtight radon and air barrier even in unheated spaces.

Kiilto Airblock Fiber is tested for airtightness and is M1 and LEED certified. As it is solvent-free, it is also environmentally friendly and safe to use. The sealant adheres excellently to cement-based wall-levelling and floor-levelling compounds, concrete, brick, wood and aluminium.

Cost-effective with fewer work phases

Kiilto Airblock Fiber is an ideal choice for renovation projects in particular. As a single-component and water-based product, it saves time and effort. The sealant is applied twice. The second layer can be applied as a wet-on-wet layer, i.e. soon after applying the first layer. More efficient work phases speed up the entire project.

Efficiency is also reflected in the fact that Kiilto Airblock Fiber can be used on sites where sealing work has previously been carried out with waterproofing products. Priming, taping and coating can be omitted in this solution, which results in savings. Kiilto Airblock Fiber’s ability to withstand the movement of structures is sufficient in normal cases, even without the use of reinforcing tape. However, reinforcing tape can be used in areas where a particularly durable sealing is required due to movements of the structures.

Although sealed surfaces can be painted, the dried sealant can also be left as the final surface. This removes a further work phase compared to waterproofing products, as seals made with waterproofing products must always be finished with a levelling compound.

Kiilto Airblock Fiber sealant paste can be applied quickly with a brush. Its excellent adhesion properties guarantee an airtight finish. In addition, the modern tapeless solution makes it easier to seal confined spaces.


  • Sites where airtight seals are required, e.g. joints between walls and floors, joints between windows and doors, and seals for structures
  • Radon sealing


  • Single-component
  • Solvent-free
  • Fibre-reinforced
  • Quick-drying
  • Can be applied wet-on-wet
  • Kiilto Airblock Fiber is applied with a brush
  • Can be coated or painted
  • Can be left as the final surface