Is your textile washing process hygienic? The self-monitoring service gives information on the actual level of cleanliness.

The self-monitoring service allows you to examine whether your textile washing process is hygienic.

Even though textiles may seem clean after being washed, their microbiological cleanliness can only be determined through analysis. The self-monitoring service analyses microbe residue to determine whether the required level of cleanliness has been achieved in the textile washing process.

A successful textile washing process is achieved by selecting a suitable washing programme and through chemistry. The water, detergent, temperature and mechanical elements must be just right in order to guarantee a safe outcome. When washing textiles, heat disinfection takes place without chemicals when a minimum temperature of 70 ˚C is maintained for 10 minutes. When using washing programmes at lower temperatures, detergents are required to enhance the process. The programmes in every washing machine, however, do not always reach the temperatures specified above. The only way to ensure that the temperatures of the washing programmes are reached is to calibrate the machine temperatures at regular intervals.

We help you to determine the actual level of cleanliness of your textiles

Kiilto’s self-monitoring service for a textile washing process is an easy way to verify the level of hygiene in your textile washing. The washing test provides information on the quality of the washing process, as well as on the microbiological cleanliness of your laundry. Thus, it helps you to achieve safe cleanliness.

We recommend the self-monitoring service especially for situations in which the washing temperature cannot be verified (e.g. sites that use domestic washing machines). The use of the self-monitoring service is also justified when the temperature of a commercial washing machine is calibrated less frequently than once a year. The analysis results are provided as a written report and can be integrated into the company’s quality management system.

For more information on our self-monitoring service and its schedule, please contact our cleanliness and hygiene specialists.

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