Insta and Kiilto join forces to work on behalf of young people’s mental health

The current exceptional circumstances have further increased demand for mental health services for young people. In the spring, Insta and Kiilto, two long-standing family businesses in the Pirkanmaa region in Finland, agreed on charitable collaboration. The companies’ employees voted on the recipient, and as a result of the vote, a donation of EUR 10,000 was made to the Youth Mental Health Association Yeesi, which engages in mental health work providing young people with psychological resources and promoting their wellbeing.

Eeva Solja, Brand and Communications Director at Kiilto, is delighted that employees cast their votes on behalf of young people.

“The current exceptional situation has made young people’s mental health issues more topical than we could have imagined when beginning cooperation between our companies. Gathering, pooling and targeting resources for recovery from the crisis now feels like a top priority,” says Eeva.

Eeva points out that it feels natural for two Finnish family businesses to target support at young people.

“Insta will celebrate its 60th anniversary this year, and Kiilto has just reached its first century. Looking towards the forthcoming decades is a core aspect of both companies’ cultures. Young people are the builders of tomorrow’s working life and society,” says Solja.

Employees to help out

According to Niklas Mattsson, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Insta Group, the initial aim was to prevent exclusion by helping young people to find work.

“Young people at risk of exclusion can find it particularly challenging to identify their strengths and develop working-life skills. However, we were unanimous about responding to the changed need for urgent assistance due to the societal impacts of the coronavirus,” says Mattsson.

“Yeesi needs support to meet increased demand for online assistance. Sekasin chat is a nationwide, widely available chat service for 12–29-year-olds that supports mental wellbeing and recovery from mental health problems. On the other hand, group chat in Yeesi makes time spent in queues more pleasant and enables peer support between young people,” says Sonja Raunio, Executive Director of Yeesi.

The donation will be used to enable the Sekasin group chat. Mattsson points out that it was important for both companies to involve staff in charitable activities as well as giving money.

“We wanted to offer staff the opportunity to get involved in helping out, regardless of the charity receiving most votes. Together with Yeesi, we have designed an operating model based on which Kiilto and Insta staff can register as volunteers. We believe that our employees find such an opportunity particularly relevant at a time like this,” Mattsson says confidently.

What is Yeesi?

Finland’s first national mental health association for young people, Yeesi, is a youth organisation that promotes young people’s mental health based on the principle of mutual assistance between youths. Yeesi works towards goal-oriented and inclusive cooperation in the promotion of mental health amongst young people.  

“We exist to provide young people with the conditions, skills and opportunities needed to strengthen their mental health and that of other young people in everyday life and society,” says a grateful Raunio.

“Life involves various stages in which resources are consumed and accumulate. Now, if ever, each of us needs support in taking care of our own mental health.”


Additional information:

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Brand and Communications Director
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Niklas Mattsson
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