Insist on good indoor air quality – even in wet areas

Kiilto is the first manufacturer on the market to receive the M1 classification for all its wet room system products.

Kiilto takes into account the possible impacts of their products on indoor air quality as early as the initial stage of the R&D process, and has focused on indoor air quality for several years now.

“Making top-quality products that are safe to use is a key priority for us. M1 classification tells our customers that they have chosen a low-emitting solution”, says Miika Suppula, Sales Manager at Kiilto Construction.

“Indoor air issues are widely discussed in the media at the moment, and we are often asked, whether our waterproofing membranes have an M1 classification. But the waterproofing membrane is only one product in the full Kiilto waterproofing range, which includes M1 classified levelling compounds, primers, tile grouts, various reinforcements, adhesive sealants and silicones. Using the right products play an important role in healthy and safe construction, but products alone do not solve indoor air problems. Air quality issues should taken into account at all stages – in design, building and use”, instructs Suppula.

To find M1-classified products, visit Rakennussäätiö RTS sr’s website, 
Where you can find a list of all M1-certified products by company, by product and by Talo 2000 -classification.
The service contains all the certified construction products, furniture and air filter products.