How to use and charge li-ion batteries of cleaning machines correctly

It is vital to correctly use and charge the batteries of cleaning machines which operate on lithium-ion technology. The promised lifespan of the batteries will be achieved with these instructions.

1. Before using a new machine: fully recharge the battery (90 min).

  • The batteries on machines and spare batteries are very low charged for safety reasons. Most of the time with those low charged batteries, the machine doesn’t start working at all unless the batteries are first fully charged.

2. After use: Always recharge the battery

  • Leave the battery on charger until green light is flashing.
  • If left discharged, the self-discharge will continue to a dangerous level.
  • The battery can be attached to the charger right away after using, but on occasion the battery will start charging only after it’s temperature is cool enough. This is normal.

3. If the machine stops working because of low battery level: Always remove the battery and recharge.

  • Leave the battery on charger until green light is flashing
  • If the battery is left in the machine with the switch ON, the discharge will be very fast.

Our selection includes the following cleaning machines with Li-ion batteries:


Additional information is available from your local Cleanliness and Hygiene Specialist