How the strikes in Finland 11.-24.3. affect Kiilto’s services

Trade unions are organising political walkouts in Finland starting Monday. Most of the nation’s exports will be halted for up to two weeks.

The strikes announced by several unions for 11.–24.3 do not, according to current information, directly affect the operations of Kiilto, but will cause possible delays in our deliveries. It is possible that delays in deliveries will extend beyond these dates due to the post-strike congestion. There may also be challenges in the availability of some items due to disruptions in the logistics of raw materials. However, this situation has been anticipated and the impact is expected to be minimal.

We will try to minimise the impact of the exceptional situation on your deliveries, but we cannot guarantee normal delivery times for orders on those days in the event of a strike as a force majeure.   

If you need more information on the impact of the strikes on your delivery or need help with the challenges they pose, please contact one of our specialists in your area. Contact details can be found here.