Helping out health care

Kiilto is taking its well-tested cleanliness and hygiene concept to health care markets in Scandinavia and Baltic countries.

In the time of a global pandemic, it has become crystal-clear for everyone that cleanliness is simply a critical part of patient safety. With this in mind, Kiilto is expanding its high quality cleanliness and hygiene solutions to health care professionals in Scandinavia and the Baltics. The Kiilto Pro products are based on decades of experience built through Nordic product development, customer cooperation and extensive testing. 

Kristiina Helminen, Health care Solutions Manager for Kiilto, explains that in Scandinavia, the company is introducing Kiilto Pro solutions for instrument reprocessing (disinfection and maintenance of medical instruments and items) to the market. 

“We’ve had this segment in Finland for more than 50 years and we are the market leader here. Now we’re taking the products to Norway, Sweden and Denmark, too,” she says.

Know the industry

Launched in spring 2022, the Kiilto Pro solutions are poised to make a big splash all over Scandinavia, Helminen believes.

“We are coming out with the right products, expertise and support, from start to finish.”  

According to Helminen, Kiilto has long experience of health care know-how and innovation to draw from: “For example, our R&D in Finland has focused on these issues very strongly for a long time now.”  

Helminen points out that the development work is a long-term cooperation with professionals in various sectors, requiring constant monitoring of the development of the field. 

“In recent years, environmental issues have played a significant role in product development, and Kiilto wants to be a market leader in the development of environmentally friendly products.”

Hygiene ABCs

Similarly, in the Baltic countries, main solutions for health care will be introduced this year, meaning, in essence, proper hand hygiene, personal hygiene, environmental cleaning, and instrument reprocessing.
Valdis Kazulis, Health care Sales Manager, Baltic States, says that Kiilto's health care concept in the Baltics is still in its infancy, but things are going forward: “The short-term task is to complete the initial product portfolio, including the necessary product registration and packaging customization,” he says.
“In the next steps, we plan to expand Kiilto’s product range with new products and hygiene solutions. This will allow our customers to achieve a higher level of hygiene while reducing environmental impact and costs.”

Sustainable solution, reliable partner

With regards to environmental concerns, Kiilto emphasizes the importance of ecological factors, especially when it comes to the widespread use of disinfectants and cleaners so common in the current Covid situation. 
According to Kazulis, Kiilto wants to be a reliable and professional partner for the Baltic medical institutions and employees. 
“We want to become a partner who not only offers traditional products of high quality at a reasonable price, but is also able to offer innovative and individual solutions to its customers.”