Feedback literally boosts growth: Kiilto’s every customer survey reply grows into a tree

This year, Kiilto will donate a tree seedling for each customer survey reply to the International 4H Youth Organisation’s Seedling Action planting programme.

The aim of the planting programme is to employ young people and increase carbon sinks by planting trees in areas that have not been active in forestry or agriculture for decades. Kiilto's cooperation with the programme has started already in 2019, and this year the customers will also be able to participate in this carbon offsetting initiative. Responding to Kiilto’s customer survey is a concrete act to mitigate climate change.

There is a seed of growth in the feedback

In addition to the donated tree seedlings, feedback from Kiilto's customers enables growth in many different ways: cooperation and interaction with customers will be strengthened and operations can be made more customer-oriented. Feedback is desired especially after collaboration experiences such as product test runs, trainings or meetings with Kiilto’s customer contact people. The customer survey is sent directly to the customers after these specifically defined encounters.

Part of Our Promise to the Environment

Kiilto’s Promise to the Environment consists of four sectors, one of which is Green Energy. In pursuing the green energy goal, carbon neutral Kiilto by 2028, the primary aim is to achieve real reductions in emissions. The remaining emissions are compensated through projects that add carbon sinks, such as the Seedling Action.

Photographs: Tiina Rinne