Fast like a train

Pirkan Pinnoitus rebuilds the lavatories in the Tampere railway station. In such a demanding target, Kiilto products are a great help with their easy manageability and fast drying features.

At the outset, there were lots of brick walls, rough concrete and a job that seemed quite bleak.

”Well, sure, it looked quite awful after the demolition team had finished. I was wondering if anything will come out of this. But already you can see some good results”, the project manager of Pirkan Pinnoitus Toni Kulmala says with a laugh.

Rebuilding of men’s lavatories in the Tampere station tunnel is already on the homestretch.

”Waterproofing of walls has been completed, and now we are tiling. New sewerage system, castings and floor slopes are also under construction. Installing extra strong ceiling boards has also been completed. At all points we’ve selected such surface materials that endure hard wear and vandalism.”

Requires special durability

Investing on material choices is justified because the job target is especially demanding. The annual number of passengers in the Tampere railway station is 4.5 millions. This year it means approximately 12 300 passengers per day. The number does not include any city dwellers passing through the station tunnel daily. According to VR Group, the passenger volumes have increased by 6.8% early in the year. Increasing numbers of people encourage to invest on services.

The next step in the on-going renovation is to start working on the adjacent men’s lavatory that will be rebuilt but also changed into a women’s lavatory.

”I believe there are also some women’s lavatories needing to be renovated in this station. We’ll see if we are allowed to enter those”, Kulmala jokes.

Kiilto KeraPro dries fast

Pirkan Pinnoitus has used the fast waterproofing product Kiilto KeraPro which is a brand new product of Kiilto.

”Kiilto KeraPro dries fast. It helps us a lot because now we have time to do two layers in one day”, Kulmala says.

”It seems that with Kiilto KeraPro it is also easier to reach the correct membrane thickness compared to the traditional materials. It leaves a thicker membrane which doesn’t shrink as much when it dries”, he adds.

Smooth action

The CEO of Pirkan Pinnoitus Jarno Kauppinen tells that the facilities to be renovated are old and the structures and measurements do not correspond with the current standards. In order to build something new, they have needed to straighten, fill and level all sorts of things.

”Kiilto levelling screeds and plasters dry fast. That has also made the job easier”, he mentions.

Products used for correcting floor slopes in the job target include the rapid floor screed Kiilto 60and the floor screed Kiilto 70.

”It is also great that Kiilto is located so close to use. We can have the material delivered quickly. In addition, we can reach the personnel well. We can ask their advice any time to make sure what is the best way to go on, Toni Kulmala adds.

Pirkan Pinnoitus is a company from the Pirkanmaa region of Finland, specializing in coatings and reconstruction and rebuilding jobs.