Excellent hygiene in every situation

In Juvenes commercial kitchens, cleanliness comes first. In Oulu, the central campus kitchen goes full steam ahead, also in temporary facilities.

Juvenes Oy operates eight restaurants and cafeterias on the Oulu University campus. Customers have access to a wide range of hot meals, sweet pastries and fresh bread, baked every weekday in each outlet.

Thousands of meals are prepared in the campus kitchen every weekday. In the autumn of 2020, Oulu University of Applied Sciences will move in the same campus area, significantly increasing the number of meals needed.

The new central kitchen started operations in March 2019 after the previous kitchen was modernised. Nearly everything changed – all that remains from the previous kitchen are the walls. During the over six-month modernisation, meals were cooked in temporary facilities.

“Even though the kitchen was only temporary and, for example, the cooler and freezer were located in shipping containers, the facilities functioned well and we were able to work just like in a real kitchen”, says Katja Holm, campus and event manager at Juvenes.

The temporary arrangements were in place for roughly six months. Working in temporary facilities was arranged without making any compromises over cleanliness or the level of hygiene.

“In a kitchen, cleanliness and hygiene mean everything. Technical cleanliness and hygiene specialist Vesa Kukkonen from Kiilto also participated in the design of the temporary facilities. He also installed everything we needed, such as washing agent dispensers and hand sanitiser pumps. Kukkonen will also come to our aid whenever we need him. We have been highly satisfied with the level of service.”

HygiNet® helps in work planning

Juvenes uses Kiilto’s HygiNet® service. It helps, for example, to prepare a cleaning plan and place regular product orders. 

“We are using Kiilto’s HygiNet® planning service, and also used it in our temporary facilities. Using the service, every employee can check cleaning schedules and product instructions. It also includes product images and links to more detailed product specifications and safety information”, Holm says.

“We print out product specifications and instructions from HygiNet® and attach them, for example, to cleaning cupboards. In practice, we check information on a computer, while paper printouts are on display in accordance with official guidelines.”

Juvenes has several dozen professionals working on the Oulu campus. A bakery and pastry shop operate in separate facilities. The cafeterias located on the campus also provide catering services for university management meetings and festivities.

Kiilto is a partner in cleanliness

When working in a kitchen, cleanliness plays a key part. Kiilto is a professional in cleanliness and a partner of Juvenes in day-to-day activities. Cleanliness and hygiene specialist Marikka Piilonen trains the staff of the Oulu campus regarding the correct and cost-efficient use of products. 

For example, Kiilto’s technical specialists check washing machine temperatures regularly to avoid any unnecessary energy consumption. The cleaning plan is updated to meet every need. A commercial kitchen consumes large amounts of washing agents, softeners and brighteners. Juvenes also purchases cleaning equipment from Kiilto: brushes, towels, dryers and even cleaning machines.

“If we have any unusual cleaning needs, we contact Kiilto to identify the best possible products”, Holm says.

“For example, once we needed special agents for persistent stains on white tables and sofas. We found just the right products to make everything spanking clean!”

In addition to having clean cooking equipment and tabletops, cooks also need to have clean hands. Juvenes uses Erisan products for personal hygiene: hand rubs, hand sanitisers, hand creams and soaps.