Environmental training for staff and customers

Kiilto created new training material over the spring and summer — all future training by the company will include an element on sustainable development and environmental issues.

Increased understanding is important to achieving ambitious goals. That’s why training is so important to Kiilto’s Promise to the Environment. Kiilto organises annual customer training events in which thousands of professional hygiene, construction, and industry experts gain the latest information in their sector.

The content of the comprehensive training material and data bank has been collected with the aid of various specialists, and is supplemented and updated in line with the principle of continuous development.

“Training events are also aimed at improving the professional skills of trainees in relation to environmental issues. We want to help our customers become more environmentally friendly in their respective sectors,” says Development Manager Pekka Sinisalo, who leads Kiilto’s team handling green services. 

Continuous improvement

Rather than overloading people with information, Kiilto believes in gradually increasing understanding and building an environmentally aware culture. Sinisalo points out that this can only be accomplished by baking environmental considerations into our everyday activities. Continuous minor changes in our habits will eventually shape the entire industry.

“The environmental message is related to the customer’s core business, and perspectives are chosen in light of the target group. We also have something new and interesting to share at every event,” promises Sinisalo.

The impact is far from small, even if awareness is increased one step at a time. Kiilto aims to train 20,000 persons each year. Sinisalo reckons that the number will grow as the process gathers speed in all countries where Kiilto operates. In the spring, this agile organisation also began using webinars due to the COVID pandemic.

Gaining insights together

Training events are not the only situations in which environmental aspects are consciously and systematically included. From this year, environmental issues will be discussed in all customer meetings at Kiilto. In addition, all personnel will have environmental training.

“Environmental thinking is part of our culture, and influences everything we do. Environmental issues may be a key element of our daily work, but training is vital to seeing the big picture in a company covering 11 countries and 4 business areas,” explains Sinisalo, who adds :

“The training events provide a good opportunity to take time out and discuss issues together, have insights, and share tips on how to make our everyday activities greener.”