Endowed professorship in circular economy for University of Turku – Kiilto one of the donors

Organisations in the Naantali and Turku regions are donating EUR 600,000 to the university to establish a professorship in circular economy. This professorship will complement the University of Turku’s expanded technology offering and its multidisciplinary expertise.

In a circular economy, production and consumption result in as little waste as possible, and all materials are recycled efficiently. The goal is to achieve sustainable development and save natural resources. The circular economy model strengthens value chains and the operating opportunities of businesses.

Kiilto sees plenty of potential in this type of cooperation when trying to achieve its demanding environmental goals.

“Kiilto aims to be an environmental pioneer within its industry. Supporting research and education in circular economy is important for society, and that is why Kiilto decided to contribute to the professorship at the University of Turku. As a company, we will also benefit as our partner network becomes more experienced in the techno-economic aspects of the circular economy, helping us to achieve the ambitious goals we have defined in Our Promise to the Environment. I’m looking forward to this partnership and new things this professorship in circular economy will bring about,” says Oili Kallatsa, Kiilto’s Research, Development and Innovation Director.

Brand and Communications Director Eeva Solja agrees:

“This adds a fine dimension to our environmental work and marks a concrete example of a partnership that aims at finding innovative solutions for the benefit of the environment.”

Jukka Kola, Rector of the University of Turku, stresses the importance of sustainable development in the university’s strategy and the implementation of its various dimensions in education, research and social interaction.

“We are boldly building a sustainable future. This professorship is an excellent addition to our multidisciplinary university, emphasising our expertise and interdisciplinary research in the field of circular economy,” says Kola.

According to Vice Rector Mika Hannula, who is also the Chair of the Steering Group for Sustainable Development, the University of Turku has plenty of expertise in sustainable development and the circular economy. For example, circular economy is studied at the Turku School of Economics from the viewpoint of strategic management within companies. The new professorship will complement the university’s expertise by viewing the phenomenon from a techno-economic viewpoint.

Hannula expresses his warm thanks to the companies and organisations that donated the professorship in circular economy. The endowed professorship was jointly donated by Kesko, Turku Chamber of Commerce, Turku Energia, Kiilto, Turun Osuuskauppa, the City of Naantali, Finnsementti, BE Group, Hesburger, Sarcodon and Lounais-Suomen jätehuolto.