Eco-friendlier Kiilto Freeze -55 °C, Kiilto Leakfinder and Kiilto Pressureclean now available

Developed for professional use, Kiilto Freeze -55 °C, Kiilto Leakfinder and Kiilto Pressureclean aerosols use a new HFO propellant. As a result, these products are eco-friendlier than before, while their properties have remained unchanged.

The development of propellants has focused on the reduction of environmental impact since the impact of Freons on the ozone layer was discovered. The HFC propellant used previously in new aerosols was a greener option compared to its predecessors. Thanks to the switch to the use of HFO, the products now have an even lower environmental impact.

Development based on the environment

The environmental impact of propellants can be indicated by two values. The ozone depletion potential (ODP) measures the impact of a substance on the ozone layer. The global warming potential (GWP) indicates the amount of impact a product has on global warming.

“What is important in our research and development activities is that we find and deploy safer and eco-friendlier options, without making any compromises on the established Kiilto power and quality. The OPD value of the previously used HFC propellant is zero, meaning that it was not harmful to the ozone layer. However, its GWP value had some room for improvement. The OPD of the new propellant is also zero, while its GWP is significantly lower. HFO is a much better option than HFC considering global warming”, says Pia Sjöberg, R&D manager at Kiilto.

You can recognise the aerosols that use the new propellant from the “Uudistettu! Renewed!” text in front of the package.