Cleanness for paper industry processes

As a Finnish industrial chemicals supplier, we provide our customers with a comprehensive service.

Process expertise

We provide the paper industry with the best possible washing chemicals to ensure a high-quality final product. Cleanness is also important in paper manufacture. We help choose the right product and provide user training, if needed. Success is made of seamless cooperation.

Genuine closeness

Kiilto develops and manufactures its products in Finland in a responsible manner with care for people and the environment. As a Finnish operator, we understand the Finnish conditions and the requirements for products. Because we are located close to our clients, we can provide unique delivery reliability.

Laboratory services

Kiilto’s product development and quality assurance are located in Turku with our factories. Our highly skilled team can react quickly to any problem situations. We conduct regular analysis for our paper industry customers to ensure production runs smoothly. Our customers’ processes change constantly, and we are involved in the continuous development.